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Connect Share Prosper Hosted by Chas Wilson

Oct 13, 2020

Connect, Share, Prosper - Episode 132
A Blueprint to Becoming Unstuck (w/ Mickey Elias)
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Have you ever felt stuck? Felt that you are working harder and harder with no additional success? Or have you felt your business fall flat, and watch as your growth is stagnant?

On today’s episode, Chas Wilson is joined by Mickey Elias of Elias Construction, who has felt this exact same way. Mickey decided to put a plan in place, to get a blueprint of his business’ path, and he quickly went to work. Over the past few years, his business has exploded. Mickey shares how even through a global pandemic, he is about to exceed his goal by over a million dollars.

Mickey Elias is one of Chas' long time coaching clients and a member of Master Networks.